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Spices enhance the taste and flavor of food.

Our Company has stayed true to our original mission to bring high quality spices, herbs, and seasonings to the Indian food industry. We source globally and process domestically, manufacturing a full line of spices, herbs and seasonings with a keen focus on food safety and quality.

As a full-service spice company, we expertly source top quality ingredients from around the world while maintaining our rigorous standards of safety and quality by processing and manufacturing in our modern facility in the India.

We are trusted partners, applying our experience and expertise to every step of the process, providing customized solutions to our customers and developing innovative new blends and flavors in our onsite research and development laboratory and test kitchen.

We take great pride knowing that our products have enhanced the flavor of food consumed by millions
of people.


Honey : Meghalaya

Good and fresh quality of honey from Meghalaya.


Cashew Nuts : Meghalaya

Good and fresh quality of cashew nuts directly from Meghalaya.

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